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Malaria can be prevented

Malaria is preventable and treatable, yet the disease continues to claim nearly half a million lives a year while more than 200 million fall ill each year. Most deaths occur in Africa and among children under 5. Sleeping under an insecticide treated net is one the most effective ways to prevent Malaria. Before bed nets were made available, this number was three times higher. Even though more people at risk of Malaria have access to this prevention tool than ever before, big gaps in coverage remain, especially in Africa. (Source: WHO)

We knitters can help

Knitters Against Malaria is a fundraising effort from 24th of December 2019 to 31st of January 2020 to help raise money for nets through donations to the Against Malaria Foundation, one of the most effective charities. Every $2-3 finances a net that lasts 3-4 years and protects two people on average. All other costs are paid by other donors of the Against Malaria Foundation (AMF). We chose Malaria and the AMF as this is one of the most effective ways today to save lives. The AMF has been a rated top charity by the independent charity evaluator GiveWell as well as Giving What You Can and The Life You Can Save since 2012 and has a very cost effective model of operating. Donations are tax deductible in many countries and can be made online. All donations are tracked to the cause and individual bed net distributions.